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About the Mercy Center

Mercy Center is a charity center that has been working in the social field since 1989.

The main direction is to help children and disadvantaged families who experience alcohol and / or drug addiction and are in a difficult financial situation, have partial or complete disability.

What kind of children attend the center? - Children whose families may experience moral and/or physical and/or sexual abuse. Children from orphanages and children with special needs.

Why do children need help? - Because such children develop in the wrong mental direction, they do not see the proper / good example, they do not feel support from the family. And for the proper development of the child, his society is very important.

How can the center help? - Mercy Center provides accommodation free of charge for children and their parents, where children receive two meals a day; do homework with teachers; conduct developmental conversations about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes; attend language circles and circles of interest. Older children from 12 years old take care of the premises, help teachers keep order in the center and, thus, adapt to adult life.

Our mission is to help children adapt to adult life, protect them from negative consequences, believe in themselves and their strengths, and look at the world with different eyes.

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Наша история

From July 1989, the organization had been called the Estonian North-West Regional Mercy Mission. In 1998, the organization officially registered its activity as MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus.

For years many educational, children’s and medical institutions and also inhabitants of communal houses, invalids, and homeless people have felt and estimated the necessity and importance of MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus. Guided by the life of Narva youth and their social needs, the organization made a decision of buying-off old garages on Võidu 17E, Narva. Then the reconstruction of the buildings had been started with the assistance of young people, friends from western countries and many concerned people. The main works had continued for 15 long years. Since 2016, the Mercy center has fully corresponded to all the requirements and standards of the state.


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Our Team

Coming Events/Projects

In this section are events or projects of the Mercy Center. 

  • Накорми ближнего
    Накорми ближнего
    Время еще не определено
    Mercy Center
    Время еще не определено
    Mercy Center, Võidu prospekt 17e, 21008 Narva, Эстония
    Приглашаем Вас принять участие в проекте "Накорми ближнего". Не каждый может позволить себе полноценное питание.


Анатолий Плюшко

Благодаря Анатолию Плюшко, который смог осуществить свою мечту, появилось это замечательное место – Благотворительный центр или Центр Милосердия. Здесь, как дети, так и взрослые получают заботу, любовь и участие в их жизни. С помощью многих неравнодушных людей и друзей Анатолия, Центр ежедневно обеспечивает вещами первой необходимости, нуждающихся в этом людей. 

founder Anatoly Plyshko

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